Two Plus Ones – Huge Night In

Two Plus Ones could almost be annoying. It’s difficult to say exactly what sort of school they went to without asking, but each member exudes an air that makes you worry the answer is probably “better than yours.” Now that might be very far from the truth, but it certainly feels that way. It’s not unlikely; they’re three young guys with a comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe after all. Fortunately, to a man, they’re equal parts likeable and self-aware.

Sketches are sometimes smart, sometimes stupid – frequently some combination of the two – and consistently funny. One joke might be concerned with overwrought theatre about the working class, but then there’s also a bit about very big shoes. Many sketches feel deliberately modern in such a way as to be subtly off the pulse, in keeping with their nerdy misfit glaze.

All three put in a great performance considering their age, and they’re all better singers and actors than three guys who’re already blessed with good humour have a right to be. It can only be a good thing that there’s virtually nothing to complain about with Huge Night In. It’s not the funniest show, but it is remarkably solid for a second Fringe run from three relatively fresh-faced performers.

Great stuff, extremely daft, frequently witty, all delivered by three very affable comics.


Keiran Burnett

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