Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 picks up moments after the first film ended, with the Parr family of superheroes facing up to the villainous Underminer. The story then takes us back into a fantastical world where the use of super powers is illegal, forcing super folk to get ordinary jobs and live ‘normal’ everyday lives, the sequel sees Helen (voiced by Holly Hunter), as Elastigirl, continue to fight crime and campaign for the return of “Supers” in society, while Bob (Craig T. Nelson), aka Mr. Incredible, stays at home to look after their super children. But the Parrs, along with their longtime friend and ally Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), soon have to take on a new villain, the Screenslaver.

In spite of it taking 14 years to get the sequel it doesn’t miss a step in getting straight back to the action, feeling just like it was created at the same time and has lost none of the magic, which can sometimes be a problem for franchises returning after an extended period away. The film isn’t really doing anything new with the characters or even with the story but it manages to nail the campy superhero movie feel excellently. This is light hearted family friendly comedy and works as a perfect palate cleanser to the normal blockbuster superhero movie, where even with the lightest of Marvel movies the audience is still dealing with the possible death of characters, not to mention the dark and gritty world of the DC movie universe. I honestly think its quite a necessary antidote to the darkness of those movies offer and for event the real world, this is a perfect piece of escapism. Whilst it’s not doing much new with the story it does feel like it has learned a few lessons from the likes of Wonder Woman and put the women of the film front and centre, Elastigirl is out fighting crime and Mr Incredible is staying at home to look after the kids with an almost Mr Mum with superpowers feel, only with some updated politics. The film manages to touch on the home family life well and having Mr Incredible struggling with juggling homework, an adolescent teenage daughter and a young baby albeit one with a crazy array of superpowers, the character doesn’t fall back on sexist tropes of feeling emasculated by his wife being out and him being home, he longs to be out fighting crimes but more just wants to be a good dad and to allow Elastigirl to be out doing what she loves without distraction. The technology has advanced in the last 14 years since the release of the original film and it shows, the animation is gorgeous, especially noticeable in some of the underground scenes involving The Underminer. There’s no post credit scene to tease a possible sequel but I think it will unlikely for it to take another 14 years for a new Incredibles film, hopefully anyway.

This is Pixar doing what does best, it’s a fun filled family adventure from beginning to end with lots of laughs throughout, it’s more than a worthy sequel but is an fantastic film in it own right.


Euan Tennant

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