Pat Cahill: Panjandrum

August 16, 2015

The friend I brought along to Panjandrum remarked on the way out that Pat Cahill is a ‘very old fashioned kind of comedian’. It hadn’t really struck me before – he takes risks, uses gimmicks […]

Marny Godden: Flap’em On The Gate

August 15, 2015

Swaggering on the stage as a country bumpkin hobo, Marny Godden has the audience giggling at the get-go and if you were under any illusions that Flap’em On The Gate was a straight lace character […]

Tony Law: Frillemorphesis

August 15, 2015

You are always going to – at some level – enjoy an hour in Tony Law’s company. He is a force of nature, a one-man maelstrom of comic energy with a ready supply of laughs […]

Gary Little: Just Trying To Be Friendly

August 14, 2015

Gary Little is as Scottish as they come, uncompromisingly sounding so. As a Scot myself, it’s quite encouraging to find that the audience are a good mix of tourists and locals. This doesn’t affect Little’s […]

Daphne Do Edinburgh

August 13, 2015

There’s been a little bit of hype surrounding Daphne, the new sketch trio comprised of Phil Wang, Jason Forbes and token white man George Fouracres. All three have appeared at the Fringe before to good […]

Tiff Stevenson – Mad Man

August 12, 2015

Fact: Tiff Stevenson has the best trainers of any comedian at the Fringe this year. They’re certainly the flashiest pair of Adidas this audience has seen for a while, judging by the whoop that greets […]

Tom Stade: You’re Welcome

August 11, 2015

An automated announcement instructs the audience that no photography is permitted during the show, backstage Stade mischievously pipes up ‘Take as many photos as you want’. The four-hundred strong in attendance, Stade’s firmly big enough […]

Glenn Wool: Creator, I Am But A Pawn

August 10, 2015

The word ‘edgy’ is overused in comedy, often applied to mundane material spiced up with swears, or simply box-ticking gag-reflex taboos that are rolled out routinely to break up a set with a raised Jimmy […]

Spencer Jones Presents: The Herbert in Proper Job

August 10, 2015

Down in The Hive (Edinburgh’s moistest nightclub) there is an act that is a pure hit of Fringe silliness. Spencer Jones is The Herbert, a mostly non-verbal character who wants to play around with toys, trinkets […]

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