Spencer Jones – The Audition

August 13, 2017

Spencer Jones informs the audience of how shows are prepared and titled in terms of their status, gesturing the levity of work in progress, preview and show, then signals his show is somewhere under the […]

Sam & Tom – Unrectifiable

August 12, 2017

Two thirds of Stapleface, Tom Burgess and Sam Nicoresti have brought their debut show as a double act to Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe 2017 with Sam and Tom: Unrectifiable. They are a high energy […]

Ben Target’s Orangeade

August 12, 2017

Award winning returns to the Fringe with latest show Orangeade. As we enter, Target in clad in Xmas lights, handed us 2 plastic balls each and hugged us all as we were filing into the […]

Chris Turner – What a Time to Be Alive

August 12, 2017

What a Time to Be Alive worried me slightly. “Post-Brexit and pre-Trump, Chris moved to America. Comedy is all about timing,” reads the blurb. Between them, comedians have managed to run both Brexit and Trump […]

Stuart Laws – Stops!

August 10, 2017

People rarely are quite literally too clever for their own good, but Stuart Laws is. Ironic for the man who hates clichés that his jokes were flying over peoples’ heads left, right and centre. Stops […]

Mark Forward Wins All The Awards

August 10, 2017

It’s sheer confidence to title a show that suggests it as an award winner and satirise what an award winning show must centre around. In fact, on the surface, it feels a bit cynical or […]

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