Short Com 2019 Award Winners and 2020 Launch Announcement

Short Com is delighted to announce the award winners of this year’s 2019 short film programme. The 2019 programme was made up of 15 selected short films and sketches that was screened at the Edinburgh Cameo Cinema in August and Sputnik Kino in Berlin in September. 

Receiving the award for the Funniest Film was Karel Šindelář for his film Why So Sirius, a deliciously dark comedy about two women stranded with no phone signal to call for help. The Czech director is a student from Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek. He takes the prize of $500 and free film festival strategy consultancy from festival strategy experts and brand partners Festival Formula. Why So Sirius also was awarded best directed film by former Short Com winner and BAFTA nominee Ben Mallaby. 

Karel Šindelář had these words upon finding out that he won both awards.

“First I want to thank all the festival organizers for making this festival possible. Also I would like to thank all the people that participated in this film especially for making really great atmosphere on set (which is always one of the most important facets while trying to make a comedy). It is a great honour for me to win those awards and to be included in the festival’s screening. I really enjoy when people are laughing hard while watching my short films. And although I was not able to hear their laugh directly this time, it makes me happy the same way, when it is shown to me through some feedback – for example winning the “Funniest Film” award. That is the best award I have ever won with this film, since it was our main goal – to make a funny film (to make people laugh). 

Our film also won the “Best Directed Film Award”, which is not an award just for me (as I am the director), but actually for all the participants (especially my wife, the director of photography, the sound designer, the producer and all the actors), because they all have a full impact on how the film is going to be directed. Actually it is not a price for me at all – it belongs to them.

I hope that our next projects will make the audience laugh as much as this one has, because a good laugh is one of the best appreciation I know. And I also hope, that this was not our last participation in the Short Com festival. 

Thank you.” Karel Šindelář

Why So Sirius

The judges for the funniest film were comedy producer and Mr Box TV channel owner Rupert Majendie, Comedy Producer Lulu Baker and Festival Formula Founder and CEO Katie McCullough. Joint second from the voting scores were Shoe Purse by former Short Com award winners Big Red Button, directing duo Pier Van Tijn and Johnny Burns starring and written by sketch duo Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, better known as Lazy Susan, alongside Spokke, written and performed by Tim Grewcock and Shaun Lothian and directed by Jim Archer.

Best Script was awarded to Spokke, decided by Short Com director Chris Aitken. Writer and actor Shaun Lothian had this to say upon finding out when they won the award.

“We’re absolutely delighted to receive this award. We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception Spokke has received, and it’s been especially great to be showcased alongside other hilarious short comedy films at Short Com Film Festival. Special thanks and love to the whole Scandi Noir genre, from which we rinsed mercilessly for ideas” Shaun Lothian


Spokke has since been picked up by Comedy Crowd TV who have commissioned and produced further episodes available on their platform now.

The US teen spoof comedy Micro Love written and directed by Annaliese Eisenstadt was awarded the Diamond In The Rough award, which recognises emerging talent. Spokke, Microlove and One Second Everyday receive digital certificates for a copy of screenwriting software Final Draft.

Micro Love

You can find out the rest of the films who made the 2019 programme here

Short Com is now open for submissions for its next season to again take place in Edinburgh in 2020 via the submission platform Film Freeway For 2020 it is also planning to run another series of industry talks for emerging filmmaking talent that it did in collaboration with the Screen Academy Scotland and Cinetopia as well as expand into feature films and TV pilots under a separate name.

Director Chris Aitken would like to thank all those who submitted to Short Com and those who helped in the running of its events as well as the sponsors for this year and looks forward to forming a brand new programme of the funniest shorts in 2020.

To find out more about Short Com or to enquire about collaboration opportunities, please email Chris Aitken at 

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