Jake Lambert: Little Lost Lad

August 3, 2018

  Sometimes when reviewing something, you’re in the unfortunate position of having very little to say about something quite good. Such is the case with Jake Lambert’s Little Lost Lad. That’s not to say the […]

Matt Rees: Happy Hour

August 3, 2018

  Matt Rees’ Happy Hour is a funny, laid-back and not completely serious show about alcoholism. In a recent interview with The Guardian Rees stated that his addiction nearly killed him, and it’s clear that […]

Kieran Hodgson: ’75

August 3, 2018

  The disgustingly talented Kieran Hodgson is back at the Fringe, after providing some of our favourite shows of the last few years (Lance in 2015 and Maestro in 2016). ‘75 is a typically complicated […]

The American Invasion: Ari Shaffir

August 3, 2018

  When we spoke to Ari Shaffir a few years ago, Thomas Black quizzed him on the Edinburgh hour compared to the American model of writing a show with the aim of just being funny […]

Bilal Zafar: Love Bots

August 2, 2018

  Bilal Zafar has been charming Edinburgh audiences for a few years now with previous shows Cakes and Biscuit creating a buzz that saw him nominated for best Edinburgh newcomer in 2016 and Chortle Best […]

You have to be joking? William Andrews

August 2, 2018

The joke that you loved but no one else did? I moved into a flat in Glasgow. Nice place. I started noticing a ringing sound – very quietly, every now and then. It wouldn’t last […]

You have to be joking? Ciaran Dowd

August 2, 2018

  The joke that you loved but no one else did? With the sketch group BEASTS we wrote an opera set at Crufts with the three of us as competing dogs – that never even […]

You have to be joking? Kwame Asante

August 1, 2018

  The joke that you loved but no one else did? I had (/have, because I’m still keeping the faith!) a joke about a Kiwi flatmate I used to live with when I was at […]

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