Jack Barry – High Treason

August 17, 2017

Now, no matter your stance on drugs there’s one reasonable reaction seeing a man in a suit covered in weed leaves. That’s second-hand embarrassment. But, it fits perfectly with the manic persona of Barry, and […]

Athena Kublenu – KMT

August 17, 2017

Athena Kublenu is sure to find herself a firm audience after KMT’s dry witted attack on popular culture. The show is an insight into Kublenu’s apathetic mind, which refuses to give into hyperbolic outrage. It […]

Goose – Amphetawaltz

August 17, 2017

You know what the problem with relying on the crowd too much is? The crowd aren’t funny people. The crowd are ordinary people who’ve come to see funny people. This simple fact is the knife […]

Paul Currie – Cats in my Mouth

August 17, 2017

Paul Currie feels like he doesn’t belong in 2017. Not because being relentlessly cheery seems to be have been banned for the last eight months. Not because his stage attire and beard make him look […]

Rhys James – Wiseboy

August 16, 2017

Last time I saw Rhys James I said I was sure he’d get better, and I thought he was great last time I saw him. It’s wonderful to be able to say I was right […]

John Hastings – Audacity

August 14, 2017

John Hastings is in love and he wants to tell us all about it, we get an a hour of comedy that is very funny albeit often only loosely linked with love. With over a […]

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