Edinburgh Fringe Interview – Kathryn Bond


Please state your name, purpose for your visit to Edinburgh, the duration of your visit and designated location?

Kathryn Bond

To perform in The Kat and Jon Appeal at Freestival , Cowgatehead 5 and Keeping Abreast at Assembly 1st to 25th August

 You’re fifty percent of That Pair but have brought someone else with you? What happened to the other fifty percent and what’s this one got to offer?

Lorna is locked up at home! That Pair are writing a show for next year and cooking up a script. This new 50% is male, Jon Pointing who I am sharing the hour with is also very tall so

can reach high things. It’s practical uses that are important in Edinburgh I think.

How long have you been coming to the Edinburgh Fringe and what might you say is it’s ultimate pull factor ahead of other comedy festivals?

I have been coming up since 2005, either flyering for my fav comics or doing puppetry. 2012 we came up as The Silky Pair and now I am trying some solo/ slash lady/man duo comedy.

Edinburgh is the best, It smells great so that is its main draw. It attracts the biggest crowds too and you know that comics love a big crowd.

You’re performing under this new Edinburgh pizza sponsored Freestival franchise. What enticed you to them?

They were shiny and new, organised and found us a lovely spot. I love a pizza too don’t you?

When promoting you’re show on the street, will you be telling people you’re the one who made crumpets sexy in 2014? 

The warbutons as campaign is my main draw yes! Sexy toaster chat.

Describe your perfect audience member? 

Full of joy, a little but not too much beer and an open mind and heart.

 What’s the best/weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at the festival?

People putting their own poster over their poster. Mad!

What’s the best/worst heckle a Fringe audience has thrown at you?

You’ve got great teeth.

You’ve just been trapped in an elevator with a ‘critic’ who probably really doesn’t like crumpets and gave your show an unfair review. How would the next hour go?

I would offer them a muffin and we would talk about his or her childhood.

 With exception to your own show, who do you recommend people go see?

Gabby Best

Kiln ensemble – Summerhall

Twisted Loaf

Richard Todd

Danish Face



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