Edinburgh Fringe Interview – Hayley Ellis



Hayley Ellis returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with her full debut show, “We Need To Talk About Kevin” at the Underbelly Bristo Square (Venue 300) 16:10

What is it about the Fringe that makes you want to perform here and how long have you been doing comedy at the Fringe?

I heart the fringe. Its an amazing atmosphere full of lovey, fun people. I have been coming here since 2009 when I did a sketch show. Then in 2012 I took part in the comedy zone, a double act last year then this year it’s the gulps solo show!

 I find it quite hard to believe that this will actually be your first full show at the Fringe giving you’ve amounted a lot of kudos already. What’s taken you so long?

Well that’s very kind of you to say.  Lets see if I have any Kudos left after my show. Just seems like a natural progression. Compilation show, fun double act last year and now solo time. Like being a member of girls aloud before the solo albums. Lets hope I’m more Cheryl Cole than Nadine Coyle.

Last year you did a stint in the free fringe but now strutting your stuff for one of the big promoters. In your opinion, what do the paid venues have to offer over a free venue for a performer like yourself?

The brilliant thing about the Fringe is that there are so many options for performers and audiences. Paid venues offer a brilliant opportunity for performers to showcase their work and Free Fringe ventures give audiences a chance to take a punt on comedians they may never have heard of.

Describe your perfect audience member? 

One that laughs.

What’s the best/weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at the festival?

I saw a play about pirates that was just sexual puns. “would you like to stowaway on this” points at penis

There’s a nice supporting quote from Steve Wright saying you’re “fast becoming Manchester’s funniest female”  but do you feel it is becoming a bit tiring being labelled as a ‘female comedian’ other than a comedian?

I’d prefer it if people focused on my massive tits instead of the fact I’m a female comedian. Come on guys.

What’s the best/worst heckle a Fringe audience has thrown at you?

Someone called me a garden utensil once. Just hoe hoe lots.

 You’ve just been trapped in an elevator with a ‘critic’ who gave you a pretty unfair review . How would the next hour pan out? You also might have a shopping bag full of fresh nettles with you. 

I would be extra nice. And then throughout the time spent just slip in lines that they’ve used in a review about me. “so im not sure how we are going to get out of this “distinctively average” elevator.

It can be a hard slog being on the Fringe. What do you know that Bear Grylls’s doesn’t to survive it?

The tears from your eyes can double as your water intake for the day.

 With exception to your own show, who do you recommend people go see?

Ooo loads Lucy Beaumont, Grainne Maguire, Rachel Fairburn, Lou Conran, Sarah Profit. Sorry I should include one token male. Brennan Reece.




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