Edinburgh Fringe Interview – Harriet Dyer

Hello! What are you planning for the people of Edinburgh this coming August?

I’m planning a squawky delight, filled with “holy mackerel is this eccentric or ‘mental'” woes. With a side garnish of gangle.

What is it about the Fringe that makes you want to perform here and how long have you been doing comedy at the Fringe?

There’s so so so much comedy packed into a fairly small circumference. You can really fill your boots.

It’s a kind of intense comedy bootcamp too as you can easily gig five times a day if you so desire. I like that you can get noticeably better in an uber short amount of time.

The atmosphere is also such a treat and folk from all over the world have gathered for such splendor.

This will be the fourth year I’ve been up to the Fringe, but the first time I’ve done a solo show for the whole slog.

How do Fringe audiences compare to ones from your neck of the woods?

I currently reside in Manchester and I find on the whole that audiences there are an utter savvy joy. As are Fringe audiences – although some Fringe audiences can look a little confused because they’re not quite sure what they’ve wandered into at times. Of course you get some drunken dunderheads, but you get them wherever you go.

How do you entice people into seeing your show?

Through all the usual promo shizz. My scrawny bare bottom is on the back of my flyer. In hindsight this could well cause folk to flee rather than flock.

It’d be grand if folk came because they’d heard it was a wicked show :)

What’s the best/weirdest thing you’ve ever seen or done at the festival?

I used to have a ‘Dory’ from Finding Nemo bit in my set where she talks whale and this random guy oddly had a whale costume in a carrier bag to celebrate the life of Shamu from Free Willy. So I did the rest of my set dressed as a whale.

What’s the best/worst heckle a Fringe audience has thrown at you?

When a guy shouted out that he had a whale costume in a carrier bag.

It can be a hard slog being on the Fringe. What do you know that Bear Grylls doesn’t to survive it?

Don’t eat bugs.

You’ve just been trapped in an elevator with a ‘critic’ who panned your debut show. How would the next hour go? You also might happen to have a full set of heavy encyclopedias in your backpack.

If the reviewer was very tall I’d stack the encyclopedias, clamber up them, then lick said reviewer on the cheek to freak them out.

Nah, I might be a little bit miffed magoo at the time but if it’s constructive I can learn from it. It’s their job and opinion at the end of the day. Plus I find that most decent reviewers speak truth I tell thee.

With exception to your own show, who do you recommend people go see?

Ooh la la so many… Gein’s Family Gift Shop, Lou Conran, Freddie Farrell, Damian Clark, Felicity Ward, Rich Wilson…

There’s so many folk I really want to see but never have before too like Katherine Ryan and Bobby Mair…

See all you can you lovely scoundrels.

HARRIET DYER: BARKING AT AEROPLANES – Bar 50 as part of Laughing Horse Free Fringe, 8.30pm, free.  31st July – 24th August (not 11th)




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