Meet Jennie Benton Smith – Ed Fringe 2015


Hello word up! My name is Jennie Benton Smith and I’m a 15 year old rapper & spoken word enthusiast from Tunbridge Wells in Kent. My show is all about the big topics in life like Love, Words, Friendship, Self Expression and how brilliant my stick insect is. Female insects are really grimey (not literally, they’re actually quite clean, haha, jokes!) because they don’t need males to procreate. I find that inspiring & interesting too! Hashtag scienceisfun . Maybe I should actually use the hashtag symbol rather than writing “hashtag” (?) I’m not sure. This is the sort of uncompromising subject matter my show deals with. Please come. It’s the first time I’ve done a show in front of people I don’t go to school with! Hashtag/# (delete where applicable) exciting! 

What is the first thing people notice about you?

My hat! 

6 things you can’t live without during the Fringe?

1) The “Inspiration” playlist on my phone. I alternate between Kate Tempest, Andrea Gibson & Rakim. There are also some curveballs like “Mary & Martha”, which is a song I learnt in TWYC (Tunbridge Wells youth choir) about Mary Magdelene & the other one. If you ignore the religious aspect it’s really uplifting. 

2) Wellies (my mum made me pack them) 

3) Anorak (see above) 

4) 28 Small packets of raisins (As before)

5) My best friend Auburn Joe

6) The concept of hope. That’s what my Aunt (who is a comedian) told me to pack. I was like “oh my god that’s well dramatic!” And she said something like “It’s important to remain positive Jennie, even when you are at your lowest ebb” . Yeah right! As if there will be any lows being up in Edinburgh with thousands & thousands of other shows! A whole month! I can’t wait to start flyering! Wahooo! 

Who are your Edinburgh Fringe Crushes this year?

OK this is quite embarrassing but I love Abandoman so much that I literally go to all their gigs! Their front man Rob Broderick has the sickest flow ever. Once I met him in a cafe and asked him who his influences were but he just said “pardon?” because he couldn’t hear me because I was holding a menu over my face. Also I love Gemma Arrowsmith who I follow on youtube. She’s on after me in my venue (!!) so I’m going to make sure I hang around and ask her lots and lots of questions during the change over. She respects inquisitive minds so it won’t be annoying for her. 

Your darkest Fringe secret?

It’s my first time!! 

My Aunt Susan Harrison has been up loads of times. 

What does “Meta” mean? I’m off to Wiki it. 

Jennie Benton Wordsmith (written and performed by Susan Harrison) is at Underbelly Clover, 1:25pm 5th – 31st August (except 17th)

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