Under The Radar – Stuart Goldsmith

At Short Com, we like to celebrate cultural highlights that are lurking just under the radar. So we’ve asked the award winning Stuart Goldsmith to share and celebrate a list of his cultural hidden gems.

Musical Act

Herbie Treehead (and his Disaster Band)
Herbie is an old friend of mine and now the unwitting star of every improvised story my toddler bargains out of me before bedtime. He’s a joyously inventive street clown with an incredible amount of humanity and his album “Sleepy Songs and Not So Sleepy Songs” makes me weep with joy and laughter.



Well I always answer Mat Ewins for things like this, but now the dickhead’s been in the Guardian. With a bit of luck he’ll sink back into obscurity again soon and I can get back to enjoying his absolutely unique high-production video-smashing rug-pull comedy in a basement alone, like the good old days.



TV Comedy Series

Every time I consider writing a sitcom I think of how incredible “Cowards” was, and how even that didn’t get a proper series, and I throw my pen out the window and get back to staring madly at the wall.


Okay let’s take it for granted that “Jack Reacher” is the world best action film. If you’re with me on that, read on. You’re going to love “Sneakers”. Robert Redford leads a team of hackers and burglars who are employed to break into their employers’ places to prove that no-one can break into their places. Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley, River Phoenix, a blind telecom hacker called Whistler, and one incredible sequence after another. It’s bliss and I’ve seen it at least 8 times.



I love Richard Kadrey’s “Sandman Slim” series, all about a lowball scummy magician (in the non-performative sense) who escaped Hell and runs a video store in LA with a dog with a human head. There’s been about nine books in the series and Kadrey keeps populating his world in new, brilliant and deeply religiously offensive ways. Love. It.



Palm Beach on Waiheke Island near Auckland New Zealand. But keep your grubby feet off it, it’s mine.


You can catch Stuart Goldsmith and his award winning show Like I Mean It on tour beginning the 10th of February. For dates and locations, visit here.


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