You have to be joking? Carl Donnelly

The joke that you loved but no one else did?

When I was previewing my fringe show last year, a few times I tried a routine about how white people react to Kanye West’s misdemeanours. It was tongue in cheek but I joked in the routine that any white person who gets upset at Kanye’s outbursts but forgives worse actions by white musicians is subconsciously racist. There’s a good bit of logic there but over a handful of previews I could never get white audience members to not just think I was accusing them of being racist. 

The joke that worked but you are not so proud that it had?

When I was starting out I was much younger and stupider and thought that it was funny to skirt around the edges of offensiveness for the sake of it. I had jokes early on about paedophilia etc that I wouldn’t dream of repeating these days.    

The comedian that made you want to be a comedian?

Dave Allen. I would watch his show when I was about 6 or 7 and laugh despite not fully understanding what he was talking about. I didn’t even realise he was a comedian. He was so laid back and such an amazing storyteller. Years later when I started getting better at comedy I think his influence came through in my style. I now trust myself and the audience to go on a journey together. 

The last thing that made you cry with laughter?

I saw a new comedian recently called Simon Lomas a few weeks back who killed me. It was refreshing to see a new comedian who just had that spark that could set off a room into hysterics. Often it takes comedians years to get to that point so I predict big things for him. 


 ‘Carl Donnelly: The Nutter On The Bus’

The Blundabus at 19:30

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