You have to be joking? Dane Baptiste

The joke that you loved but no one else did?

I do a joke about the queen’s nether regions that a lot of people squeam at, but it’s my baby and I’m keeping it!

The joke that worked but you are not so proud that it had?

I did a joke about wasps which I thought was a drop in the ocean that is my act; but people insist on it. Now I know how PSY, Chesney Hawkes and Mc Hammer feel. 

The comedian that made you want to be a comedian?

Chris Rock; heard the audio cassette (yes I’m old) of ‘Bigger and Blacker’ and I was hooked. 

The last thing that made you cry with laughter?

Watching a lion in captivity attack its captors. Nothing like animal karma. 


Dane Baptiste ‘G.O.D’

Pleasance Courtyard


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