You have to be joking? Peter Michael Marino

The joke that you loved but no one else did? 
The joke was, “I’m terrified of being “conversation raped” at parties.” After a year of getting giggles, I realized it was a trigger and changed it to, “I’m terrified of someone forcing me into a corner at a party and having non-consensual conversation with me.” That gets the kind of recognition laugh that I was going for. 

The joke that worked but you are not so proud that it had?

I was recently diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s…by my friends. 

The comedian(s) that made you want to be a comedian?

Robin Williams, Joan Rivers. Old school. 

The last thing that made you cry with laughter? 

An internet video of two chihuahua’s waking up in a car. I know. Ridiculous. But this question prompted me to watch it again right now. 

 Show Up
The Counting House Lounge
 2-26 Aug 2018 (not 15, 22) 

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