Adam Rowe: Undeniable

This was the show to hear the official best joke of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and as Rowe remarked in jest – it wasn’t even the best of his material. Undeniable was one hour of sheer unapologetic comedy from the heart and mouth of a very talented comedian. For where Rowe stands among his fellow professionals, it is hard to believe that he is only 26.

His perspective on the world is so simple that it should perhaps be considered naive, but his observations on people’s behaviours and attitudes are difficult to contest, hence why he had a fully sold-out venue completely onside. Rowe has no qualms about his upbringing despite him not having an ideal situation, far from it, but he has used these experiences in a positive manner which he believes is the reason for his ongoing success. Among his many stories from the past and present, there is a critical point that is made: the mindset that British society instils has to be continuously challenged in order to develop and improve as citizens and as a country. I personally could not agree more.

Rowe is an excellent storyteller. His rhythm is first rate which leads to increased tension and therefore, more fulfilling laughs. His approach on common themes was refreshing which was one of the most impressive aspects of Undeniable. Couples should naturally find this easy to connect with as the general rule for relationships is “opposites attract” and for Rowe, his current relationship is no different so the material was totally relatable (at least to me).

Rowe put on a show that was loosely themed and offered total transparency in his opinions. If this show did slip passed you this year, be sure to pencil in the broad humoured Scouser for next time as for sure he will be back and even more in demand.

★★★★ (and a half)

Graham Millar

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