Aidan Goatley: The Joys of Retail (and How to Escape Them).

Aidan Goatley used to work in retail and like many of us who have “served” in this sector, it wasn’t his first choice. Thankfully for us, he now performs comedy and he’s back at the Fringe again this year with Aidan Goatley: The Joys of Retail (and How to Escape Them).

He opens with some good natured audience interaction and some jokey solidarity with those are still currently within retail and with those of us who have escaped. Goatley then takes us through his journey from being dropped in at the deep end of managing a garden centre through nepotism, working for a man who was using employment legislation form the 50’s, all the way through to him finally escaping from the corporate target focussed work of large chain retail. From anecdotes about the strangest customers and the laddish culture around managerial roles to corporate training days and conferences.

This show was throughly entertaining throughout and for anyone who’s worked in retail there will not fail to be something you can relate to or recognise. The feeling I got was that this was where Aidan feels most comfortable unconstrained by the rules form head office about how the customer is always right, for the record they’re not, he masterfully took down an especially rude audience member who decided they wanted to sit on the front row and check their phone every 5 minutes.

This show is for those of use who’ve experienced the corporate bullshit and the strange customers and lived to tell the tale, thankfully there are a lot of us and thus this show will be right up your high-street.


Euan Tennant

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