Ben Target’s Orangeade

Award winning returns to the Fringe with latest show Orangeade. As we enter, Target in clad in Xmas lights, handed us 2 plastic balls each and hugged us all as we were filing into the room. This bizarre initial interaction would set the tone for the entire hour.

What we were treated to was an hour of softly spoken confessions, increasing amounts of audience interaction, some double entendres about putting our balls in his mouth and the building of an ice cream on top of Target’s head. The show flits around the strange workings of Target’s mind, often feeling like some sort of warped kids tv show, with the bright colours and softly spoken host that goes hand in hand with that, then gets darker with some strange confessions. For me the show fell a bit flat at times, whilst the show is often funny I didn’t find myself lost in the comedy that, in my opinion needs to happen with such surrealist humour, instead I just ended up feeling a bit cold about some of the jokes, I could see what was being attempted but it missed the mark for me. The show is funny throughout but unfortunately didn’t quite manage to grab me or hit any high notes.


Euan Tennant

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