Bill Burr


Even before Bill Burr took to the stage, I was amusing myself at guess the comedian who by the looks of it almost made half the crowd, emblematic of the admiration and respect for a comedian that is currently seen as one of the best comics in the world. He seems partially fazed by the crowd and occasion, as he later confesses to have never done a gig at three in the afternoon, which seems to stutter him on the odd occasion. Whether it is jet lag, an unfamiliar environment, fear of appearing colloquial or the time itself, these are minor hiccups and all forgivable for what becomes a master class in delivery over the hour and twenty minutes. Delicately balancing the boundaries of political correctness, with what many may consider as misogynistic, dated rhetoric thinking, Burr is merely honest about the his fallible thoughts but really deep down is a liberal.

His targets sometime fall to groups who have been coated in a protective blanket of modern liberalism, he takes Caitlin Jenner through a bruising takedown highlighting the greater morale discourse evaded because no one feels capable of criticising those for gender reassignment, in her particular context anyway. Likewise “fat people” and the gender wage gap are taking on with a provocative dissemination that again toe the line of offense, but he does turn his attention to the power of elites who, arguably, receive the full force of his disgust and ridicule.

There are moments that the show wanes a little, or keeps with the tempo he set early. Regardless, this is still a world-class act many comedians can only seek to aspire too. The beauty of Burr is that many may see his shtick as courting to the slightly moronic and bigoted, but really deep down he is a liberal thinker unafraid to bring a takedown to groups considered morally guarded, in a time where comedy appears to becoming too much of a safe ground. Burr is a reminder that comedy is supposed to be daring and taking to boundaries, its what makes him most admirable. Thoroughly enjoyable, the Pleasance must be pinching themselves that they managed to snare him.

★★★★ and a half

Chris Aitken

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