Edinburgh Fringe Review – Caution to the Wind

Comedian Chris Boyd knows a lot about tornadoes, and he has kindly come to the Edinburgh Fringe to tell us all about them. Boyd shows admirable commitment to the shows premise; while most Edinburgh shows would claim to have a theme, generally they just pretend to have one so they have something to put on the poster. This show really is about tornadoes. As such, prepare for tornado facts, tornado anecdotes, and many references to the 1990s tornado blockbuster Twister – some are obvious, some are more subtle.

Boyd has such a natural ease with the packed room that all of his silly gags work well, and everyone is willing to go with him during some of the more dubious demonstrations of how tornadoes work. While the show is about tornadoes, as we’ve established, gradually other elements come into play, and personal stories begin to infiltrate the narrative. Before you think the show is actually about something other than tornados, another tornado gag comes along sharply to remind you what it’s really all about. I promise to stop using the word ‘tornado’ after this sentence.

It’s a very funny piece of work, with a lot of layers stacking up on top of each other, but ultimately it builds to a great ending that brings it all together nicely. You certainly don’t need to have an interest in violently rotating wind to enjoy the show.




Stuart Addison

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