Dan Nightingale: Sex, Drugs and My Nanna’s Bungalow

Dan Nightingale is a very skilful performer. He deployed many of his comedic techniques throughout which held the show in good motion. Nightingale has the knowledge and understanding of what makes an interesting show even when tackling the most mundane of subjects. Combine this with his vast years of experience then solid content is always highly-likely.

His show this year primarily focused on him moving his young family into his Nanna’s bungalow situated in the sleepy coastal town of St Anne’s, a complete contrast to the vibrant city of Manchester from which they moved (the offer of living rent-free was simply too good for Nightingale to turn down!). His charisma was infectious and a superb energy was maintained from start to finish, although some of his efforts at times were a little too eager to please. What was laudable about Nightingale was his willingness to push boundaries when it came to the audience’s emotions, he treated it like a pendulum in his hand and he swung it from one end to the other with force. He is an amiable person and his likeable personality came across in a way that was impossible to ignore which added a genuine sympathy to his story which he completely manipulated…

This show had no specific controlling idea to it but it all gelled together quite nicely. He also spoke of his desire to be at the peak of comedy with his top ambition to have a compere introduce him – Kevin Hart style and unfortunately, for Nightingale, he acknowledged the stark reality in comparison to Hart and self-deprecating humour is something Nightingale does very well.

With a CV that is worthy of being blasted at full volume, if you are after a seasoned performer who knows how to entertain then go see him if coming to a town near you.


Graham Millar

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