David Trent: Here’s Your Future – Sean Patton: Number One – Chris Chopping: Premature Emasculation

David Trent: Here’s Your Future

The first time I was treated to the David Trent experience, I found a comedian excellently adept at disseminating chosen targets for all their follies, contradictions and the crassness of their human core. Yet I couldn’t help but feel the targets were a little too easy, people in the public eye already (and deservedly) torn to shreds. This time round, he’s been unearthing some social trends that should scream for the social alarm wakening, particularly those to rumble you awake. Be it spyware mattresses, creepy children’s cartoons devoid of any worthwhile learning substance or Yorkshire bigots on Twitter, they’re ridiculed inside out in a consistently funny hour that hits some high notes. If Charlie Brooker was to give up the Screenwipe, David Trent would more than fill that void. The future does look grim, but thankfully Trent will find ways for us to laugh at it.


Sean Patton: Number One

In the plethora of domestic acts that have gained a cult following, it could be easy to miss this New Orleans export Sean Patton at this Fringe, but if you’re a fan of drunken and drug fuelled misadventures, there will not be many better than Sean Patton. Perhaps the smoothest performance I have seen this Fringe, Patton has a magnetic drawl that can be likened to Glen Wool that immediately sucks you in as he lays bare the truths of his superstitious driven OCD and pride in being a serial bedwetter. All sounds puerile but he has the nouse to elevate it to philosophical existentialism, linking a case of one New Orlean’s sexual misdemeanour to having a butterfly effect at launching the successful careers of his friends and himself. Not everything is neatly sewn and as a somewhat hour as an ode to his city, it feels a little thrown together. But as an introduction to Sean Patton, it’s a knock out hour full of big laughs and a Netflix special seems like it is only around the corner.

★★★★ and a half

Chris Chopping – Premature Emasculation

Previously to just entering Chris Chopping’s debut hour in the ram packed Globe Bar, I was feeling bewildered at seeing an act who has been gaining great praise this Fringe, but I saw every joke coming like a Southern Rail cancellation and thus feeling at a loss what it was I was not getting. Based in Cardiff, Chris Chopping is battling against a busy and noisy bar who are their for the sports and cheap booze than a man trying to prove he has some comedic promise, which he does. Part character act and mainly part straight stand-up, Chopping begins his show as professional expert misogynist Brett Michaels on how to win over the ladies. That of course, rings the cliched alarms bells and it does. Yet not being a natural character comedian is part of the charm of the performance and he gets the majority of the crowd on side. As he nonchalantly slips into his own persona, we still enter familiar ground about a comedian who grew up not being confident with the opposite sex and being at odds with the jock crowd. Despite this familiar tale, Chopping has the ability to craft clever jokes and deliver punchlines that the comic savvy don’t even see coming. Chopping possesses a proper comic brain and for what is a debut hour that has its flaws, is more than deserving of being in a proper Fringe venue than trying to be heard in a bar full of the people he differentiates himself from. Definitely promising.


Chris Aitken

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