Ed Aczel: Foreign Policy

Ed Aczel started performing part time about 10 years ago and has crafted this character that’s sort of a foul mouthed high school teacher, who on the surface, appears awkward and unsure but is in fact and incredibly clever and well written persona. His self effacing ‘geek’ character bumbles and wheezes his way through a variety of topics from statues of war heroes and how their horses stand to the audiences food shopping habits and the importance of customer loyalty.

His latest show ‘Foreign Policy’ starts with a music video about the current state of the world, and form there we’re off on a strange meandering journey through what appears to be mostly unconnected series of thoughts and musings. The room he is performing in is a small, thankfully cold, bunker in a nightclub under the streets of Edinburgh, the audience was small, but mostly appeared to be with him on this journey. He held their attention throughout the hour and his interactions with them were fun and just as random as the rest of the show. His ‘Anti-Comedy’ style has him finding humour in the massively mundane and his delivery, while appearing shambolic is actually very well timed and precise. His self effacing style has you warm to him and follow him through this bizarre journey and whilst he may claim not to be the quickest of comedians, his handling of the audience interactions shows us how quick and witty he actually is in responding to whatever they throw at him.

This isn’t going to be a show for everyone and you have to be aware of what ‘Anti-Comedy’ is in order to appreciate his style. This style may put some people off and if you go along expecting something mainstream then you’ll be sorely disappointed. It is no risk yet there is possibly high reward comedy depending on your comedy palate.

★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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