Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show

Harriet Dyer has been performing stand-up full time since 2013 and has had multiple critically acclaimed shows in previous years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and she’s back this year with her new show Harriet Dyer – The Dinosaur Show.

The walk in music to the show is the Jurassic Park Theme tune, I mean of course it is what else would it be, Dyer bounds onto stage from the back of the room wearing an deflated dinosaur costume and the show begins, well sort of, she’s very easily distracted. Her initial introduction veers off topic at breakneck speed but is a perfect introduction to the hour of delightfully anarchic comedy that is about to follow. Thinking back on this show and trying to properly digest what I’ve just seen and I’m just as confused as I was throughout the hour and I have notes to remind me and help me make sense of it all. Looking back at said notes and I have written a list of other surrealist comedians whom I was initially tempted to liken her to, but to do so would be doing her a disservice as she’s utterly unique.

There’s characters and “costume” changes and there’s songs and even a hatching. Is this show about Dinosaurs, maybe? It certainly has dinosaurs in it, but whether it was actually about dinosaurs or why they went extinct I have no idea. But ultimately none of that matters. Regardless of what the show was “about” it was still an amazingly funny, surreal stream of consciousness from someone who is wonderfully charming in her delivery and style. Do yourself a favour and go spend an hour watching Harriet Dyer – The Dinosaur show, don’t try to analyse or even attempt to understand it just go with flow and enjoy.


Euan Tennant

Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show 20:15 Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

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