Josh Glanc: Glance You For Having Me

I reviewed Josh Glanc back in 2017 Edinburgh debut with his excellent show Manfül which was at first a surreal character comedy that morphed into a deep and thoughtful look at masculinity. This year he’s back with his new show Josh Glanc – Glance You For Having Me. I’ve been pronouncing his name GLANK but according to this show it should be pronounced GLANCE, but I’m still not sure how I should be pronouncing it because especially after this show I struggle to figure out what is genuine “Josh” and whats’s another comedy bit.

He bursts on stage looking like a 70’s lounge singer and dressed like John Travolta from Saturday night fever, what follows is an hour of surreal comedy that I’m still not sure how to describe. Intertwines the characters high energy, awkward comedy with parts where he appears to break character and it’s almost poignant. I was left not knowing whether it’s some over the top high energy character comedy or a comedian working through their “mummy” issues in front of a paying audience, and I think that’s is kind of the point.

The initial high energy character could easily have become a one joke act that would drag and not be able to fill an hour, but he managed to subvert my expectations and skilfully weave what appears to be reality into an entertainingly bizarre hour that, whilst may not be constant belly laughs, it is unflinchingly surreal and unquestionably entertaining. Whether his name is pronounced GLANK or GLANCE I don’t know, what I do know is that he’s a fantastic comedian that you should spend an hour going to watch. I also know that the paper mâché head he has on stage is one of the creepiest thing’s I’ve ever seen and will probably never sleep again.


Euan Tennant

Josh Glanc: Glance You For Having Me 17:20 Monkey Barrel 2

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