Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content

Luke Rollason ‘delivers’ one cracking opening for his show. It’s an early indication that we’re in the presence of someone who oozes creativity and invention, but also as it turns out, a sign of one of the main problems for the show. Rollason is a very capable clowning act with a seemingly endless box of tricks up his sleeve, mixing lo-fi daft props and multimedia interaction, Rollason is determined to live up to his show title of Infinite Content. 

The audience are on side from the off and the show is largely dependent on their participation, as much as their laughter. There is a lot to admire with the copious amounts of invention and tricks he has conjured, his frenetic energy keeps the content coming thick and fast. But here lies one of the problems of the show. Rollason throws out so much ‘content’ out at you that he’s not getting the best out of his arsenal. Fellow clown acts Ben Target and Spencer Jones are an excellent case point where less is more. There’s also too much reliance for the audience to be on ball and in fairness, it’s not always clear for the audience to know what they should be doing. It stalls the show now and again. Whilst the audience are on board with Rollason’s brand and personality, there’s no real stand out moments or delivery of big laughs. Probably the biggest laugh comes from an excellent piece of improvisation from an audience member and that’s not what you want for a show you’ve put countless hours putting together.

There’s a lot to admire about Luke Rollason and his commitment to chaos and invention but for me I just feel he needs to reign it in a bit and focus on hitting the mark than having a scatter-gun approach.


Chris Aitken

Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content 12:00 Monkey Barrel 4

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