Maria Shehata: Hero

As Maria Shehata introduces her performance, confidently proclaiming it a ‘storytelling and comedy hour’, we rest easy in the palm of her hand as she chats with us in the intimate Gilded Balloon Old Tolbooth Market. 

An anecdotal hour with a neat narrative, it was a shame that Shehata, though likeable, failed to balance comedy into her routine effectively. 

Common tropes on dating, race, stereotypes and American culture were familiarly explored, but just missed the opportunity to bring something new to the table in their writing. 

The thematic basis of ‘Hero’ does eventually become clear as she discusses the role the patriarchy has played in her life. 

Stories of Boyfriends, God, and her Dad – who ‘phones’ her throughout the performance – come together in informing the foundation of Shehata’s apparent world view. 

A comfortable hour in the company of an assured performer, it’s a nice afternoon show to get down to with a cuppa if you’re feeling lonely on a grey Edinburgh day. 

This hour is definitely one of storytelling rather than laugh-out-loud comedy, however.


Leila Navabi

Maria Shehata: Hero 17:15 Gilded Balloon Old Tolbooth Market

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