Pat Cahill: Uncle Len Needs A New Part For His Hoover

Stood in a purposefully uncomfortable dress-up to add to the seemingly on-edge character, Pat Cahil delivers his new stand up performance – Uncle Len Needs A New Part For His Hoover – more as a musical prose than a traditional comedy stand up.

One will secondly notice, following wondering why he’s orange, that Cahill’s piece is filled with re-worked and sometimes absurd musical numbers that weave into his narrative throughout the one-hour running time. Sometimes a joke in-and-of themselves, sometimes depicting a greater point, they are dispersed evenly across the stand-up.

The show itself feels as if it runs parallel the humour and a quasi-existentialist point about doing things for the sake of itself rather than pursuing happiness. Or perhaps it’s about post-industrial society. Perhaps both. Or neither.

Whilst there is both good humour and good points to mull over, it is difficult to tell which is more important at times as the focus fluctuates between the two. Whilst interesting when it’s there, any point made by Cahill never stays long enough to be entirely completed. Whether this is well done to leave interpretation and not annoy the audience with a comedian’s opinions or a missing opportunity will likely be down to the individual.

This mixing of social criticism, absurdism, and a good tune, hits vaguely the notes of Monty Python, with a few songs particularly hitting a high-standard.

At the forefront of the show is the story of Cahill’s dubiously-real Uncle Len. Through various means this joke character becomes interesting and his life, flowing through the entire hour, paces the jokes nicely.

Although at times muddled at what it aims to achieve, Pat Cahill’s Uncle Len Needs A New Part For His Hoover is interesting and well-thought out. Musical interjections, a very character focused narrative, and a good-humoured aura make the show a worthwhile watch.


Corrie Young

Pat Cahill: Uncle Len Needs A New Part For His Hoover 15:15 Monkey Barrel 5

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