Sid Singh: American Refugee

As we attempt to enter the Counting House to see the very hero who beat Donald Trump in court, we are essentially accosted by a nasty man in a Hawaiian shirt. “If you’re here for Sid Singh you’re too late. He’s fully booked. Sod off.” It was off-putting but nevertheless, we persisted. And I’m glad we did. 

Sid Singh is a very accommodating comedian. Ensuring we all managed to fit in his packed-out attic, he began to pour us all glasses of water to keep cool as we breathed each others’ sweat – very considerate. Then, he began the set.

Singh’s not had the best time of it. His TV show was cancelled this year, he was sacked for ‘being difficult’ and the driving force behind this show; he’s decided he thinks hate is underrated. 

He is very clever. He’s a human rights lawyer – and you can tell. Every quip and punchline is dusted neatly with intelligent ornamentation – his material as a result, is totally original. 

At times, the performance was so stoic, it edged slightly into Ted Talk territory – which isn’t a problem in my opinion! This just isn’t the show for you if you want a laugh-a-minute vacuous gag marathon. 

An excellent writer/performer. Go and see the show if you can get passed the terrifying Front of House dude. 


Leila Navabi

Sid Sing: American Refugee 16:30 Laughing Horse Counting House

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