Edinburgh Fringe Review – Al Donegan: The Five Worst Things I Ever Did

There will be plenty of guilty confessions going around the Fringe, and most comedians would be more than all too happy to make mistakes for material. Not that this is a lazy accusation levelled at Al Donegan but as his confessional five worst things he’s ever done will testify, he’s got material in its droves.

Al takes to the concrete stage in an almost full cavern at one of the Caves venue. Almost immediate to the eye it becomes apparent that there is a nice air of composure to Al’s performance, this is not a set of quick fire gags but he can cajole with the audience and most of the time controls some back and forth very well furthermore getting them to participate fairly willingly. It’s not long until the audience are laughing and fully engaged as Al begins to ascend into his five worst moments after the break-up of his ex-girlfriend gave him good cause to self-reflect.

There is a fair level of self-depreciation, as their must be with the chosen arc to the show, but he also manages to wear that suit of arrogance that has gotten him into these situations and thus makes his accounts seem more believable. Wait until number four on the list turns up if you felt you really need video evidence. Whilst some of his five personable crimes should really hit the belly hard, they can now and again lack the force in the punch they really deserve. Nevertheless there are plenty of laughs peppered throughout the hour. As a first full hour Edinburgh Fringe show, The Five Worst Thing’s I Ever Did is a very well composed hour of well-crafted comedy and storytelling that renders Al Donegan as a bit of a dick, but a very likeable dick.


Chris Aitken


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