Edinburgh Fringe Review – Dani Frankenstein: Shut Up and Dance

Get ready for the sexiest 45 minutes of your life! In addition, get ready to rethink your personal definition of the word sexy! International pop sensation Dani Frankenstein is here to provide sensual high energy beats for your delectation, tunes that will provoke the imagination, but will also challenge sexist morals and values. Not really. Basically, the show is comedian Danielle Ward, from the Do The Right Thing podcast and Fringe fave Karaoke Circus, dancing about and singing songs that she made up on Garageband.

While her commitment to character work may be cheerfully relaxed, this show is a lot of fun; you can kind of tell that Ward is really enjoying fannying about in a blonde wig. The songs themselves are actually rather catchy. They work both as parody of modern pop music, and as topical commentary on sexual politics. They also work because Ward is always funny when she’s bopping about on stage wearing a one-piece with a skeleton print on it. When she sticks with the character of pop goddess Dani, there are also excerpts from her tour diaries, often surreal bits of business that sometimes contain the best gags of the show. At one point there is a long story based on a song by The Velvet Underground, which is generally more interesting than funny, but for the most part the gags flow by easily. All very silly, but sometimes you just have to let the rhythm take you.


(12-16 August, Voodoo Rooms, 12pm)



Stuart Addison


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