Edinburgh Fringe Review – Steen Raskpopoulis: I’m Wearing Two Suits Because I Mean Business

It’s a title that grabs you, isn’t it? Well, be prepared to be grabbed again, because Steen Raskpopoulis isn’t just delivering a one-man sketch show up there, he needs co-stars and extras. Heavy audience interaction is the order of the day then, and while it’s a device that can feel obligatory and perfunctory during many Edinburgh shows, this time it’s used well, and without cruelty. That said, I was clenching vigorously and mightily relieved to not be picked to line up for the big finish. Not with my back.

The chosen many equip themselves well tonight as Raskpopoulis lines up set pieces and depicts well-drawn characters – an innocent lost schoolboy who’s story culminates brilliantly, an alpha-male boss, a rapper, the cast of a Latino soap opera – he rattles through them and their tall tales with confidence and charm. I’d like a little more of the laughs to come from these creations and their yarns rather than the sharpness or embarrassment of a squirming ‘Simon’ and ‘Kirsty’ as they are yanked out of their spectator status to react to them. But such a show is surely within reach for such a confident – and at times inventive – performer. Until then, you’ll struggle not to enjoy this offering – you’ll probably even contribute to its success.




James Rose


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