Edinburgh Fringe Review – Stuart Laws: When’s This Gonna Stop? (1hr Show)

Stuart Laws is a man who likes to take things too far. Not in terms of shocking content, more in the way he likes to prolong bits maybe a spot too long. Comedians sometimes like to deliberately alienate the audience, for reasons best known to the comedians themselves. There was a fair bit of that during the performance I saw; the most surprising thing was that Laws was able to win the audience round again by the end of the bit. It was genuinely quite impressive. There were certainly some sections of the audience that were more in tune to his silly and surreal gags, but for Laws, that’s all part of the fun.

While it may seem like some portions of the act never seem to end, there are loads of ideas and inventive gags littered throughout the show. Some bits bleed into others, and repetitions of certain words become increasingly hilarious, although again only some sections of the audience were reacting to them. One confusing part in particular, about 9/11, dulls the mood in the room significantly. His audience interaction generally worked well, although one guy definitely wasn’t having any of it. In the end, though, a prolonged gag about a particular kind of German biscuit had everyone in the room laughing, and let to a big crowd-pleasing ending.  Laws may be an aquired taste, but fans of alternative comedy will appreciate the oddness of it all.



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Stuart Addison

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