Edinburgh Fringe Review – Tony Law: Enter The Tonezone


It’s barely past morning yet for some reason, Fringe darling Tony Law is on at ten past twelve at the Stand three. I know it’s the Fringe but it does feel a bit early for my funny bones to be jaunted into action. Curational discrepancies aside, the room is near full and the Canadian clown, who was one of the first Fringe acts I ever saw over ten years ago as part of The Dinks, takes centre stage in a onsie that the fashion industry didn’t see coming. The master absurdist almost takes no time at all to win the smiles and laughter from the audience as he goes full on steam ahead on the crazy train.

Law presents the Tonezone as a somewhat day to day improvised work in progress, it’s almost believable giving how he seems to be all over the place, even if it is controlled chaos, you can easily tell he’s capable of extracting whimsical follies and turning them into audience cackles. Although orchestrated, an almost minimalist piece of interpretive dance has the audience howling and when you watch it you cannot help but think there are not all that many comedians who can achieve this sense of silly laughter.

Whilst there are great moments of laughter achieved from here there and anywhere, there’s an almost tonal shift as the final act of the set is committed to talking about him being a parent and the passing of his dog. There is an almost curious battle of watching Tony Law trying to achieve sentiment and actual storytelling whilst trying to be the surrealist he is, for myself, it just feels a weird mix. There does feel a slight dip around this point, although there are still plenty of laughs, the energy drops a tad. It’s only noticeable giving the pace of everything beforehand, but you’re still in a good show.

I’d doubt there would be a better show at this time in the day and if anything the Tony Law is intense face yoga and by enter entering the Tonezone you’re guaranteed a rainbow to the rest of your day regardless of the weather.


Chris Aitken



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