Edinburgh Fringe Review – Twins

As you can see from the photo above, Jack Barry and Annie McGrath are identical twins. They are presenting their debut show in The Blind Poet, a regular pub turned into a free fringe venue, where the phone behind the bar hasn’t been unplugged, and where people come in from the outside, navigate their way through the crowd to the far end of the pub, to use the toilet. Not the best venue for comedy, but Twins attempt to rise above it, in a laid-back kind of way. The pair have created a curious world for themselves; they have an ongoing rivalry with sketch group The Original Comedy Twins, they have some ‘foreign’ characters making appearances throughout the show, and they’re searching the land for their third sibling.

All of these conceits (and more!) make for an original and funny show, even if it’s all performed in such a lo-fi, lackadaisical way. Barry tries to inject the show with some enthusiasm, McGrath slyly undermines it. The results are deliberately shabby, but there’s a charm to it too, and the pair certainly have chemistry. There are plenty of good ideas on display, and some great offhand gags, but you may wish they’d throw a bit more vigor into the performance. Saying that, it’s their laid-back nature that makes them distinct from other sketch groups currently operating. In a better venue, they may have more power. Ones to watch out for.




Stuart Addison

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