Eli Matthewson: The Year of Magical F*cking

It’s been a good year for comedians just flexing on everybody and showing them how it’s done. Eli Matthewson dominates his room – it’s a small room but I’ve no doubt he could scale it up – with an immensely winsome persona. Characterful, charming, and expressive, he’s a comic force of nature.

The Year of Magical F*cking is a show that wastes very little time on buildup or preparation – it’s all laughs all the time. More than just consistently funny, it’s packed with half a dozen or more absolute screechers that genuinely saw me doubled over laughing. True to its title it’s a pretty vulgar hour of comedy but nothing that feels gratuitous or uncomfortable, just honest and hilarious. Matthewson feels like a wholly modern comic, leveraging millennial woes and millennial sensibilities to deliver a set that leaves a lot of other comedians wallowing in the past by comparison. With material that’s equal parts socially conscious and self-deprecating, Matthewson turns the former to gathering comedy fuel from the ignorant, and the latter towards ensuring that he’s never too self-serious.

This is a simply outstanding stand-up set that deserves to be massive. Matthewson told us that he knew his audience pretty well in his native New Zealand but wasn’t really sure the sort of people he’d get over here at the Fringe. If I had my way it would be everyone here at the Fringe. Don’t miss it.


Keiran Burnett

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