Fred Cooke: Fredinburgh

Irishman Fred Cooke is feeling quite optimistic about himself and his home country at the moment where he is proclaiming to the world that his ambition is back!

Fred has a well-established reputation back in Ireland and throughout his years as a Comedian, he has performed at all varying sizes of venues alongside some of Comedy’s highest profiling names such as Tommy Tiernan, John Bishop and Eddie Izzard to name a few. Here at the Fringe, he has an intimate setting where he can engage at will with his audience which at times feels more like a casual chat between him and the crowd until whenever he decides to break out in to song with his guitar which is effectively used throughout to alter the pace. The use of lighting is also fairly constructive for this production albeit a limited resource.

His experience paired with his unique style have shaped him into a very impressive performer. With his use of his guitar to create and build tension as he paints a vivid picture before delivering punchlines that are totally unexpected. This leads to a fully charged show that highlights issues in modern society, mental health awareness as well as reminding everybody of just how mean brothers and sisters can sometimes be to one another…

The only minor discrepancy that is worthy of note is that Fred’s material is predominantly aimed at an Irish audience. The majority of his material has Irish connotations throughout so perhaps audiences of different nationalities may not fully appreciate it as much as the Irish natives but it is still a very enjoyable show.

Fred is a natural anecdotalist and it is easy to warm to him as his wit and persona are very admirable. If in the mood for some quality Irish humour then this is one show deservedly worth paying for.


Graham Millar

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