Jen Brister – Meaningless


As a comedian and a non-biological mother of 3 year old fraternal twins, Jen Brister’s life already sounds hectic enough. Then Brister’s own mother moved in with her earlier this year. It’s clear that Brister’s Edinburgh show this year is an opportunity to vent, loudly and entertainingly, about all the things that piss her off. Like her mother, for example.

Brister’s impersonation of her shouty, fast-talking Spanish mother is definitely one of her sharpest comic tools, but it serves the hour’s loose theme; the relationship between mothers and their children, and how society thinks mothers should behave. Brister’s mother is frequently used as an example of how mothers can be bellicose with daughters but will let sons get away with just about anything. It is the patriarchy’s fault, of course, and the patriarchy does not get away without a kicking in Brister’s show.

Brister delivers lengthy and righteous rants on virulent male behaviour and the #metoo movement, but the strongest moments in the show come from the benign and petty comments you may get as a lesbian/mother/woman, which can sometimes even come from your own mum. The smaller glances at society’s double standards are often the funniest, or at least less of a downer. And it means Brister can do impressions of well-meaning but clueless posh people, which always works a treat.


Stuart Addison

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