Jim Campbell: Trampoline


Returning to the Ed Fringe for the first time with a show in four years, Jim Cambell’s premise for Trampoline The premise is that’s he single, has an engagement ring for sale and those things are definitely related. He starts the show by getting the audience on side with some relatable fringe jokes that, if you’ve ever even attempted to navigate Edinburgh during August you’ll understand the frustrations. He then moves on to the main crux of the show, that being his breakup and his subsequent nervous breakdown.

We then have a fast paced, joke packed hour of comedy in which Campbell attempts to navigate dating again, starting to understand the how much of a liar Richard Curtis is and the societal expectations placed upon those in or out of love. It was a far more enjoyable hour than I was expecting and he doesn’t just spend it complaining about how awful his ex was, he seems to have taken on board his own failings throughout the relationship, which was refreshing and more importantly it made for a far funnier hour of comedy. The audience will learn maybe too much about Campbell with stories and jokes about everything from his hatred of squid, dead people Tinder, ‘procrasturbation’ and even Woody Allan.

Some of the jokes can fall a little flat but they come thick and fast so that even if the last one wasn’t for you, just wait five seconds you’ll probably laughing again. It’s another Pay What You Want show, but I recommend grabbing a ticket before hand as it is definitely worth the ticket price.


Euan Tennant

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