John Gordillo: Love Capitalism

John Gordillo started as a stand-up comedian in the 90’s before taking a break to concentrate on directing shows, yes even comedy shows have directors, then a stint on early digital TV with a show called RDA in 2000, before returning to stand-up in 2005. He’s back again at the Fringe this year with a show called John Gordillo: Love Capitalism.

His show begins without pomp and ceremony, without even an announcement he just gets on stage and begins. This show isn’t, thankfully, a love letter to the greatness of capitalism, its the exact opposite. Its a skilful dissection of the ways in which capitalism has taken over everything in our lives and the insidious manipulations that are being used to turn everything we do into a rateable experience. We are being asked to rate everything from the Grand Canyon to our time spent in public toilets and how we felt our airport security experience. He tears apart the infantilised way that companies address us and how they go about trying to give us a false feeling of power. His show covers everything from how Homes Under the Hammer is the darkest show on television to his pornography addiction and everything in between, at lightening speed and with an amazing intelligence and honesty.

This show is very much political without actually talking about politics, he never mentions his political affiliations and does not dwell on any specific area but it spends the entirety of the show ripping to shreds the politics of capitalism and what affect it is having on us today. It’s a funny, fast paced and very intelligent show that manages to make sweeping statements without making judgement. It’s well worth your time even if you disagree you might still learn something.


Euan Tennant

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