Kill the Beast: Director’s Cut


Kill The Beast is an award winning comedy troupe formed in 2012, they’ve produced 3 critically acclaimed comedy shows and have brought their new show Kill The Beast Director’s Cut, to the Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

The premise of their latest show, is that the latest film from Wallis Byrne Mattravers, is in trouble, he’s running out of money, he’s running out of time and his leading lady just died. Hurriedly replacing her with her with an amazing lookalike who unfortunately doesn’t exactly sound or act-a-like, we have the chaos of a 1970’s movie set with all the drama and intrigue you’d expect, including an affair between cast members, missing props a pet chimpanzee and even a haunting.

The show is a silly hour of farcical and over the top comedy, that lampoons the old schlocky 1970’s horror movie tropes and the 1950’s musicals as well. The show jumps back and forth between the current predicament and the gradual downfall of the leading lady Vivianne Stone. The show often feels less about the disastrous attempts to complete this movie with all the on set drama and more about the life and death of Vivianne Stone, but never quite grabs a hold of either and sometimes feels a bit split and lacking in focus.

It is however an hugely enjoyable out of ludicrous and over the top comedy that is well worth your time.


Euan Tennant

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