Laura Lexx: Tyrannosaurus Lexx

It’s alarming how much energy radiates from Laura Lexx, given that she’s about the same height as most people sitting down. From minute one she’s flitting about the stage as she talks, generally about something nice. Her giddy delivery, coupled with relentless positivity, make an endearing partnership.

Appropriate then that a great deal of the show is given over to long-term relationships, and marriage. The format for comedians talking about relationships is more or less tiresome moaning, but Lexx talks at length with a refreshing enthusiasm that indicates either an unusually idyllic partnership for Laura Lexx, or that others are all too happy to swipe at low-hanging fruit.

The cheer extends to just about every other topic Lexx explores, and she’s mastered that particular comic trick of making you think she’s just picking topics off the cuff. It’s an illusion her sprightly, almost disjointed delivery help create, and feeds well into the all-encompassing cheer that defines the show.

Despite the general whimsy, Lexx is a smart comedian, and seeds intelligent commentary into a great many gags. It’s well appreciated, and really the only evidence there’s any serious considerations in this otherwise implacably sunny human.

If there’s any criticism to be had of Lexx it’s that she sometimes takes a little long to get to the point of a joke. It’s never disappointing when the punchline arrives, but spaces between laughs start to add up after a while.

Tyrannosaurus Lexx maintains respectable laughs throughout, and lands expertly designed long-running gags to get its heartiest chuckles. A show full of invigorating cheer and smart jokes, and a nice way to spend an hour.


Keiran Burnett

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