Lazy Susan: Crazy Sexy Fool

This is one of those times where I’d love to describe the opening sketch, but it would spoil the fun to tell. It’s absurd, surreal, and dark, setting the tone for a well-crafted hour defined by bizarre non-sequiturs and unexpected escalation. From minute one, the venue becomes Lazy Susan’s weird and hilarious world.

The duo are expressive actors and keen impressionists both, populating their sketches with well-drawn, extremely silly – but surprisingly believable – characters. Among the cast there’s a sleazy and belligerent news anchor, an even more hostile police detective, a talking pony, and several talking fish. A number of characters are recurring, and they weave in and out of each others scenes amusingly.

Sketches themselves are typically fast-paced and front-loaded, driving a tremendous engine of momentum that whirrs away whilst the Susans do their thing. Running throughout is an understated meta-humour that feeds into a recurring gag where the duo play themselves. It’s intelligent, even venturing into a little light social commentary that itself feeds into a self-deprecating jab at how nonsense and pointless it’s all been.

It’s only let-down by some slower moments that grate against the quick pace of the show overall. It’s a minor complaint and Crazy Sexy Fool is an otherwise tightly constructed, intricately structured, and very funny sketch show starring two excellent performers that will no doubt go on to greater things. Crazy Sexy Fool is a good opportunity to look cool in two years time when they do just that, and an opportunity you should jump on.

★★★★ and a half.

Keiran Burnett

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