Luca Cupani – It’s Me!

Luca Cupani has been performing stand up since 2014 and has already won multiple awards, now he brings his fourth solo show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Luca Cupani – It’s me! is Cupani’s attempt at moving away from the tough political and social questions of the day and focus more on the easy questions like ‘Who Am I?’.

We started the hour with an immediate mic failure but greatly to his credit Cupani didn’t miss a beat and instead fell back on his acting training and just projected his voice for all to hear, I was at the back and never once struggled. His handling of interruptions throughout the show was well done and shows how good a comedian he is, managing to stay focused in spite of drunken crowds in the street directly behind him or his bad luck in timing his show to coincide with some of the festivals many fireworks displays.

The show is an hour long look at Cupani trying to figure out what makes him special, his hopes of some special Alien or Animal DNA appearing in his ancestry DNA test results, or his hopes of one day ascending to the highest position of power for a catholic and one day becoming the Pope. His hopes that maybe Astrology hold the answers he seeks or perhaps even a Psychic. It’s a meandering journey and he keeps tabs on how much its costing him £70 for DNA or £15 for Astrology, maybe even £95 for a handmade vagina cushion will help. Unfortunately I was left feeling a little bit disappointed the show felt like it was heading towards a conclusion or climax but it fell a bit flat at the end of the show and I just felt a little disappointed by the finale. In spite of this, overall, it was still an enjoyable hour.

It was an enjoyable hour of comedy and you won’t feel shortchanged by giving him your money in spite of a bit of an unsatisfying ending.

★★★ and a half.

Euan Tennant

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