Massive Dad 2.0: Step Up 2 Massive Dad

Following a successful Edinburgh run last year, sketch trio Massive Dad have pulled out all the stops to make their 2015 outing as memorable as possible. They are introduced as if they are characters in a fighting game, making for a high-energy beginning. They wear hoodies that glow blue in the dark as they dance around the stage between sketches. Some might dismiss the high-tech staging as gimmickry, but I enjoyed the effort being put in to shake things up. The sketches are the main thing, though, and Massive Dad are no slouches there either.

Of course, some bits landed better than others, but there were plenty to choose from. The first couple of sketches were the weakest, parodying 1970s cop shows and how women are portrayed in chocolate adverts. They were incisive sketches, just not particularly original. From there, though, the show improves steadily, leading to a great ending. The only thing is, it all ended too quickly. At fifty or so minutes, rather than an hour, it left us wanting more.

That complaint aside, Stevie Martin, Tessa Coates and Liz Smith are all strong performers. It’s a short show, but a fun and entertaining one. Worth seeing for fans of sketch comedy.

*** (and a half)

Stuart Addison

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