Matt Winning – Filibuster

According to Dr Winning (with a surname like that, going for a PHD was an obvious choice) this show contains the best jokes about greenhouse gases and economics. However, there are several reasons other than these gems that you should turn your attention to his latest endeavour. Filibuster is a very clever show with a surprisingly profound message, and a unique way of getting it across to audience members.

The show takes the form of a university lecture on the dangers of global warming, before tackling more manic and unexpected material. The transition to which is very nicely handled, with Winning subtly manipulating the audience’s expectation to increase each joke’s impact. It does come off a little bit heavy handed, when the focus shifts towards a more political stance in the final ten minutes. Where good natured, albeit surprisingly dark, humour had been present before now was only a rather preachy and on the nose finale. However, this derailing only did come in the show’s final moments. Up until this point, Winning demonstrated an excellent command of his audience, bringing them in on the jokes with a natural charisma. Most notably in one standout sequence that quite unexpectedly references The Generation Game with an ecological twist.

Packed into the tiny attic venue at the Mash House, the audience’s gleeful reception was even more notable. Despite one or two slip ups they were completely on Matt Winning’s side, ready to engage with his affable persona and trusting in the path his story was taking. Overall, Filibuster is a very powerful and eccentric piece of comedy from Winning, who is sure to become one of the largest names in UK comedy very soon.


Patrick Dalziel

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