Norman Lovett: Entertaining Moaner

With over 30 years of performing at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, cult hero Norman Lovett is back again this year with the aptly titled Entertaining Moaner. A packed Dragonfly have come to see the veteran, even greeting people at the entrance and helping the venue staff to accommodate the extra demand.

Lovett provides an hour of a combination of strange ramblings, random thoughts on anything and everything, including a bag full of bizarre props all interspersed with musings on the utterly mundane. This along with his deadpan delivery and expert use of silence and pauses gives the show a very surreal air keeping the audience guessing as to where his mind is going to take us next. Compared to a lot of  surrealist shows at this Fringe, Lovett on the other hand is very slow and gentle. His 30 years experience shines through in his handling of disruptions, of which there were a few, quickly bringing the audiences attention back to him with expert skill.

Overall this was a very enjoyable show and what I saw was definitely not a moaner but quite a shy and gentle man who genuinely loves what he’s doing.


Euan Tennant

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