There’s a lot of comedians you can categorise under ‘overgrown child,’ but Paul Currie really lives under that umbrella. What’s slightly unsettling is that he also falls under ‘mad clansmen,’ and ‘the Hound having a mental break.’

FFFFFFFMILK! (that’s going to get annoying to type) is 60 minutes marred in 80’s reference, juvenile humour, and repetition. In short, it’s childish, and that’s good. Currie is a bloody whirlwind, a primal force of nature that never seems to run out of energy – I think you’re noticing a trend here. He flies an action figure around on a stick, shouts ‘potato’ for like 5 minutes, and never seems to stop running into the crowd. He’s delightful to watch work.

He finds plenty of jokes in the dark recesses of his adult mind as well, however, and on the surface it seems his particular sense of humour wouldn’t translate well to most people. Quite the opposite, it would seem. The whole audience seemed to be laughing along with me, and many of them quite a bit harder. Maybe there’s something about it that just reaches the child in all of us, but Currie’s connection with his audience is something to see.

Speaking of which, Currie’s crowd-interaction is the best I’ve seen, bar none, even if I’ve said that before, it can now be officially taken back. He makes literally everyone in the audience central to most gags, which is admirable just for its sheer daring, let alone for how well it works in practice.

Most comedians become a factor of ten more punchable when they try and do ‘wacky and random’ humour, but Currie is so inventive that it’s genuinely astounding. I think the difference is that he’s one of the few who actually manages to be ‘random’ because if you think you’re expecting anything the man does, you’re gargantuanly mistaken.

Some jokes don’t quite work, and one or two get dragged out a little too much. I’d certainly say that the easily fatigued need not apply as well, just for the amount of movement required on the audience’s part. Despite that, Currie is obviously aware of his audience’s thresholds for annoyance and doesn’t dwell long on anything we aren’t loving.

Refreshingly silly and inventive, FFFFFFFMILK! is just what you’re after if you’re a little bored with regular stand-up, and it’d be hard not to be if you’re a Fringe regular, or even just a comedy fan. It’s got maybe the best ending to a show I’ve yet seen as well, but you’ll have to go and embrace the madness to find out about that.

★★★★ and a half

Keiran Burnett

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