Pierre Novellie Is Cool Peter

What’s immediately striking about Pierre Novellie is his elocution and delivery. He has an easy, affable air about him that endears throughout every segment of the show. He’s also a keen observational comic, and as with all the best in the style he manages to show us a glimpse of the unique way he engages with the world.

His oddball way of thinking mixes with an overt, likeable nerdiness to form a sort of ‘cool weird uncle’ vibe. As Novellie himself says, despite still being young, he simply wasn’t born to be young, and it’s safe to see he’ll age pretty gracefully, if only because he already seems middle-aged.

Topics range from Warhammer, to chicken carcasses, to modern music, right through to teenage depression (the real kind.) He has an amiably frank way of joking about past mental health issues, and recovering from them. All of this passes through Novellie’s distinctive mental filter, as he finds consistently funny ways to look at his childhood, the world, and life in general. He never fails to approach a subject from an unexpected angle, and the show almost reads like a lesson in how to observational material well.

It’s a testament to Novellie that there’s actually not much more to say. The show isn’t frequently hysterical, but there are plenty of hearty guffaws punctuating the constant hum of laughter. A solid show without much of anything to complain about, and a comic that I’m sure will be a big name someday. Great.


Keiran Burnett

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