Randy Writes A Novel

Randy has been performing stand up since 2005 and in the last 20 years has garnered multiple awards and toured all over the world and he’s back at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his latest show Randy Writes a Novel. Randy has written a novel it’s called Walking to Skye and he’s not at all sure about it so he’s here to find out what we think, then comes the procrastination.

The show itself begins with him regaling us with how he gets his kicks pretending to be drunk when he gets pulled over, from there we’re taken on a journey with his philosophical musings on the meaning of life and if we need to make an impact in the world to matter. We hear far more about Ernest Hemingway than we ever needed to and he places a mental image in the audience minds of the late Harper Lee than no amount of alcohol or therapy will ever remove. He guides us through his worries about fame and the bizarre nature of jobs you only have to do once and the new McDonalds delivery service. We hear about his thoughts on veganism, reality TV and a purchase he made from Gumtree.

There were a few pieces of audience interaction but it was limited and often very gentle in its approach to them. He manages to hold the audiences attention throughout and in spite of being limited in mobility, for obvious reasons, he still manages to make it feel like he is filling the stage and is amazingly expressive in spite of the limited facial movements.

The show overall manages to be sad, poignant, incredibly intelligent and ultimately hilarious I won’t spoil the show here you’ll just have to go see it yourself.

He’s on at 22:05 at Underbelly Topside and you need to clear an hour of your time to go see this show!


Euan Tennant

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